What products does your company assist in manufacturing?

We are focused on products & garments that are made with both knit and woven fabrics. We can assist and source almost anything from infant wear such as rompers, onesies, bibs to maternity, women’s tops, tees, to accessories and home furnishings. Virtually we can produce any sewn product.

What fabrics do you use for custom orders? Do you use organics?

Fabrics are rarely purchased stock for custom overseas orders. We buy the yarn, custom dye, have it weaved and washed with the desired finishing. We can produce jerseys, interlocks, ribs, fleece, French terry, thermals, jerseys, denim, woven cotton-blends, spandex blends, organic cottons, rayon blends, and many others. We encourage the use of certified eco-friendly fabrics & dyes to minimize negative environmental impact. Everything we source is fair trade.

Do you make samples and what do you charge?

We do not produce prototype first samples. Perfecting your sample comes in the proto type stage and should do done locally along with specification for the tech pack. Once you have achieved the closest desired sample you wish to produce; our factories counter your sample to achieve a closest match to quality and fit. This is produced with available fabric.

Sampling involves a production commitment. Several factories and businesses are involved in the development process. It is a huge loss to the factories if an order is not accompanied with the development of a sample. For example- for a single t-shirt, quotes and sampling charges come from several companies; such as, the woven labels, hang tags, fabric dyer, fabric weaver, packaging, yarns, washer, production factory, freight forwarder, trims or embellishment, dyer & washer.

Sampling charges apply which covers bare costs & is shared with the factory.

Do you design garments?

No. We require a proto type (physical sample), fabric swatch& tech pack from you. We rely on our customers to know exactly what they want and to be able to express it in a manner we can successfully interpret without many rounds of sampling. We can team you up with graphic designers, fashion designers, technical designers, sample makers & pattern makers for a fee. Please contact us thru our and provide your criteria of what you are looking for.

How do you ship custom orders?

A- Bulk Orders.We ship either via air or sea. To be cost effective it is best to ship via sea. Unless specifically requested to use a common carrier we ship freight via the best rate given by our brokers. Freight quotes are estimated when order is placed. Final prices are confirmed closer to delivery date. Sea takes approx. approx. 4 weeks depending on port. Air takes 5-7 days.
B- Couriers Clients are required to provide their account number for their preferred carrier.
All clients are required to pay for any courier charges to and from the factory or direct from us to you. You can negotiate prices with both International & domestic rates when you set up the account.

What do I need to give you to get a quote for a custom order?

Our Production Team requires the following:
1. Technical Package.This provides clear instructions as to how the style is to be produced (including fabric composition, weight, detailed line drawing of the product, construction details, full-size grading specifications for fabric consumption consideration, etc.).OR
2.Prototype.We do not have a price list for custom garment manufacturing services. Every product is individually quoted based on its unique requirements.

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