Our Mission

Inspired by our love for entrepreneurship and support for social responsibility, we help facilitate and guide the ethical manufacturing process of apparel.

We believe in businesses that distribute fair trade products – an industry which values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure. By educating the of value of products and guiding the manufacturing process we build stronger companies that do good.
We believe in offshore manufacturers dedicated to transparency and businesses built on lasting relationships. Our work is not possible without the people that make our products and we contribute towards improving their work life and livelihood.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an innovative leader in socially responsible manufacturing solutions and to humanize garment factory artisans.


We are committed to working only with partners & clients who share our values beliefs & intentions. This includes everyone from the factories workers, Sencileo and you. Our intentions and beliefs bring us closer together.

We Think And Act Both Globally And Locally

We think beyond our borders. We strive to balance the need to support one another locally as well as globally. We are drawn together by a common interest, connected with the same values of integrity, sustainability and social responsibility. We are a global community focused on impacting the world in a positive way.

1. Manufacturing a product is only one part of business. Our smaller scale socially responsible factories support the families and communities who have been doing this for generations. They rely on us for support. They all have a very special skill and talent in all areas of production. They live in areas that are completely focused on creating garments and job losses would mean relocating to another state. In North America we have so many opportunities available. It is important for us to SHARE our good fortune with those in other countries who do not live in such abundance.

2. Overseas manufacturing has access to a wider range of resources to get the job done. They can easily access mills, materials, fibers, equipment, factories, dyers, printers, notions and quality machinery that all improve the efficiency and quality of producing apparel.

3. Global warming is not a problem we can solve alone. We support the use of eco-friendly dyes and fabric. Most of these fibers are grown overseas. To reduce our footprint we chose to make the entire garment abroad and help families that are experts in their craft and have been doing it for over 4000 years. They are experts in their craft and in-turn produce the highest quality product available in any market.

4. As a small business, you help to stimulate economic growth not only by employing yourself but providing employment opportunities in administration, sales, design, sample makers, models, marketing, photography, accounting, logistics, printing & business materials and much more. As a local business, you are spending money to fuel your local economy and workers.

We believe in positive collaborations and growing together and invite you to make use of all of our resources – from manufacturing to marketing. Your increased market share allows our factories, their workers, and your business to prosper. And in our view, when all prosper, it’s a “win-win”.

Ethical Clothing Manufacturing Raises Social And Environmental Awareness And Is Earth-Kind. Let Us Be Your Guide

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